Vanus/Возраст: 28 Aastat
Harjumuslku tarvitamise kestus/Продленность использования13 Aastat
Esmaproovimine/Первое пробование:  14 Aastat
Keskmine kuine tarvitamise kogus/Среднее употребление за месяц: 30-50 Grammi

Comment:Hi otsek6ne, for me it has been the best thing but also the worst that could have happened. A choice that changed my life completely. I drink once/twice a year but if i have a chance then i smoke up till 5g. in a day. I like it, but i don’t like the fact that it makes me an addict. Weed is controversial, specially when you like to use your brain rather than act like everybody else. My story is up in smoke – how to get it back if i’m surrounded with so many others? Tervitused!

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