Age: 22
Habitual use time: 2 years
First Trial: 20 Years
Average amount used per month: 0,7g

Comment: “I’ve wanted to try out cannabis since I was 15. Some how I managed to keep away such friends who did another “illegal drugs”. When I was 20 y/o, I decided to try it eventually as I was going to EHHF for the second time in my life. We caught up with some random people who had smoked cannabis for more than 4 years and they gave me advice on cannabis and warned its not for everybody. For the first time when I smoked small hit of cannabis, it almost had no effect on me – no drowsiness and boost of mood but only famine. On the EHHF second night, after concert had ended, me and my girlfriend decided to try it out and make ourselves one joint. Ofcourse we did it too much and laughed our asses off. But at that night, we had slept for 5 hours, we both had the best sleep we’ve ever had so far and felt just as we had slept for 8-10 hours. Since then, we’ve used cannabis as natural painkiller, stress reliever and sleeping aid. Smoking cannabis makes me also want to do more chores at home: cleaning rooms, washing dishes, cooking – it keeps away from my bad habit of PC gaming.”

Tänan vastuse eest!




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