Vanus/Возраст: 25 Aastat
Harjumuslku tarvitamise kestus/Продленность использования:

“I used as a teenager, I don’t like cannabis, its not my thing. I never bought drugs myself, my boyfriend deals so we always had some supply. ”  Aastat

Esmaproovimine/Первое пробование: 0 Aastat
Keskmine kuine tarvitamise kogus/Среднее употребление за месяц: 20 Grammi

Comment:I don’t use cannabis, it has never been my thing. I just occasionally used it for high as a teenager couple of years ago. But I’ve always liked other drugs more (coke, amphetamine, ecstasy). I mainly used amphetamine since its cheaper and easier to obtain. Though I have never payed for drugs, my boyfriend supplies me with whatever I wish. I still occasionally do coke or amphetamine (around 5-10x a year, during weekends out), and last year I did smoke weed in the morning to get some sleep. But I still don’t like it, its not my drug.”

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