Age: 46 Years
Habitual use time: 28 Years
First Trial: 18 Years
Average amount used per month: 10-15 g

Comment: “there is no story! …why/what for you use! what your actions are after ….? why amplify the state/current situation? … For what purpose? _O”

Answer: The purpose of asking a story is showing the general public what kind of person you are. The end goal is breaking the stereotypical image of cannabis user. Sadly many people in Estonia have not the slightest idea how a cannabis user looks and what kind of activities he is normally engaged in, what does user do for a normal living etc. Users do not talk to each other, because the topic is stigmatized. Therefore unfortunately many folks imagine cannabis users to be rock-bottom addicts, criminals, crooks and thugs. By the data thus far there is some evidence to state the contrary and with every answer, every story that evidence hopefully grows. Ultimately there is hope for breaking this stereotype – with your contribution – and when that happens we could finally have articulated and fact based discussion about the future of Cannabis in Estonia.

I hope this answers your question.
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