The Purpose of this Blog

“Kõige solvavam on, et järgnevad põlved loevad meid rumalamaks, vaguriks ja saamatumaks, kui me tegelikult olime” – A. Solzhenitsyn

It has come to my attention that we have a problem that requires publicity and public discussion. Therefore this blog has been made in order to gather relevant pieces of information in Estonia, make that available through one place and provide the ability to discuss the ideas online.

This is also a faucet, a place where peoples cases and other correspondence will be published, in order to keep the author anonymous, but give him the voice nonetheless.
The big idea
Create an anomymous survey: Survey
This survey measures some data about you. If possible please answer. I have made this survey as Anonymous as can.
Anonymous Responses
Every result will be published on Facebook: Käbilog
Also some results will be published on Twitter.
You are encouraged and welcomed to discuss the reports and the broad topic on any of accounts!
Olete teretulnud teemat arutama nii Facebookis kui mujal!
Oбсуждание темы в соц-сетях приветствуется!
Remember: Our strength is in numbers. 


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